The Storyline

Welcome To Café Con Mami!

Katherine Dickson is your hosts to this heart warming program featuring, her mom, Artist and Poet Mercedes "Adelfa" Dickson. Café con Mami features storytelling themes on motherhood, childhood, the immigrant experience, traditional Dominican cooking, growing up Latina, "Dominicanisms" and  beyond...with humor and fun-loving spirit!

Café con Mami celebrates the life of one incredible daughter, wife, mother, woman and human. Learn how Mercedes survived devastating poverty in her childhood, lived through a revolution, came to a new country, survived illness and overcame obstacles to amass a lifetime of achievements.  

Become inspired through her writings and learn to see the world in a new a unique way. 


*Café con Mami is recorded in Spanglish (Spanish (our native tongue)...with English thrown in-between.  

We have purposely chosen to omit subtitles. (As Mami says... If I can learn English... You can learn Spanish too.)

We are happy to help you anyway we can.  Drop us a note, grab a cup of café and let's have Café con Mami.

Hasta Pronto!